Category : Travel
Location : England
Travel Date : 9th Jul 2019
Traveler/Photographer/Designer - Akash Agarwal
"As we create what we love to wear, we also like to document where we travel" 
Sometimes we yearn to take a short break from the busyness of our work and explore the cities we had never lived in. Our travel blogger cum photographer shows us a few glimpse of his checks-outs from his bucket list. A few of the designs that Eurus Wear curate is the inspiration that our designers and photographers gathered through their travelling tenure. 
As the saying goes “There are no accidents, only unsolved mysteries”, the picture depicts the perfect meaning. 
 A slow and steady ride in The London Eye.
And The Theater of dreams - The dream ground to play at, the dream club to play for, and the dream stadium for watch football at. 
Keep travelling,
Written by Akash Agarwal

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