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Location : Mumbai, India 

It always fascinates to view the Behind The Scenes for any of your work done. We, here in Eurus Wear, would love to display a few of our BTS memories out of the thousands to our readers/viewers.

Design being first and one of the our USPs, we have a lot to share about the entire design phases that our product’s design goes through. Every design of ours reflects the story behind its creation by our artists who curate them with the inspirations already briefed in the product description of every product on our website.


As the saying goes by Raghav Sharma “Thrive for precision, perfection will follow”, the measurement, sizes, shapes and their orientations have been tried and tested with utmost care to bring you close to the perfect design for a day-to-day and outwear T-shirt. 

We can equally take a glimpse at the making and behind the scenes of some of our Labels, Hang-Tags, Cover and Thank you letters.


One should never stop learning even from whom you are in same market pond, cause' even brands that you are inspired by teach you a lot. We do make mistakes so that we can learn from them, also, no one and no brand started without making one. Being an entry level clothing brand, we try and input our level best efforts to provide you the intermediate vacant filling of the gap which we observed among the other clothing brands - in terms of quality clothing with respect to it's affordability. We thrive to fill that gap by trying and testing effective methods, making mistakes, re-working on them, making close to perfect piece for our customers to wear for their comfort, fit and feel. 

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Good Luck ! 


Written by Shiv Mistri

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